Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Harvest Time! Is the Scribbler Theme

Happy Harvest Time One and All!

You are cordially invited to dig out those almost finished, nearly finished illustrations and so-close-to-finished illustrations to post this month. Sometimes those works of art that sit and cook look pretty darn good when you pull them out again. Want to find out what went wrong with your "recipe"? Post it and ask questions.
Want to share your vision with others for a visual treat? Post it and wait for comments. It's Potluck time! Bring a dish of art to pass--your choice! Then after you find something good to post, have a treat and enjoy this Harvest month:

  • Hug a sheep or a chicken for Farm Animal Day, Oct. 2nd!
  • Say thank you eh! It's Canadian Thanksgiving Day, Oct. 8th!
  • Shake a local farmer's hand and buy their fruit and veggies to celebrate Farmer's Day, Oct. 12th.
  • Donate some food or money for World Food Day Oct. 16th.
  • Don't forget National Candy Corn Day on the 30th for HALLOWEEN on the 31st!
Grab a pitchfork and Drop Everything and DRAW!
Lori Taylor

Deadline:  Nov. 1

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