Friday, September 21, 2012

What I Did Last Summer: by Angie Kidd

Angie Kidd

My husband and I took a trip to Utah over the summer.  We visited Zion, Bryce Canyon, Escalante, and Capitol Reef.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize until we got there that it was also flash flood season!  This drawing is based on a photograph taken while hiking in Escalante.  We were searching for Spooky slot canyon, but somehow took a wrong turn and ended up in the dry fork canyon.  Most of the lizards we saw on the trip were a dull, brown color, but this one was as red as the rock it perched on.  We almost missed it!  We were amazed at its ability to climb walls. 

I also tried out a new medium for this sketch.  I applied a watercolor wash over the pencil drawing and then experimented with my new watercolor pencils.  I'm hooked on them! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Theme: What I Did Last Summer
Happy End of Summer Vacation Month Scribblers...

Ah, Memories! Remember when:

  • your teacher told your class to write an essay on the first day of school of what you did last summer?
  • you had time to sit and read a book under a tree and sip lemonade?
  • you last built a fort in the local woods and "lived" off the land?
  • you last picked up a brush or pencil and drew for the fun of it?
  • you took a day off to simply be and play?
  • you spent a whole, entire day without using a cell phone, checking the internet or fiddling with other electrical devices--now that's really roughing it?
Every summer, I always hunt and gather ideas and images and fill my sketchbooks for autumn and winter projects. This capturing of movement, color, sight, smell and sound in images help jog my memory later and bring me back to that summery moment.  So by the time fall arrives, I am ready to hit the drawing board. 

What did you do last summer? Did you try something wild and different? Did you find new art style or inspiration? A new medium? Did you discover a new experience or travel to a new and different place? Post what you did last summer here and share your memory. Time for show and tell, scribbler kids! 


Lori Taylor
Pinckney, MI

Deadline: Sept. 30