Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prince Billy of Masculonia


Billy is destined to take the throne of Masculonia, a kingdom where being tough and strong is all that matters. Billy just wants to be creative and make art projects but the King and  Queen keep him too busy with his manly skills training.

This is a depiction of him during Ogre Conflict Resolution Studies.


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For critique


  1. Hey, Jeff I really like this illustration and the book concept.I think the dilemma of the kid not wanting to go through these lessons is really evident on his face. His body posture and facial expressions are great, they really work well trying to get that across. I love the action of the splitting of the pumpkins and the pumpkin guts flying. also the forcefulness of the blow comes across. The colors a vivid. The ogre is like I would picture one. I think it all works, I'm sorry I have nothing to offer on the what doesn't work side. GREAT!

  2. Jeff. I agree with Kathryn on the boy's face and his body language--super. The colors and composition are cool too. However...the one thing that hits me are the eyes of both are not connecting with anything . The boy looking off is fine, but the ogre dude is not looking at anything. His eyes seem to wander. Maybe more expression on his face would come thru his eyes by having himm look gleeful at the smashing pumpkin. I remember crit discussions on eyes and interaction with characters in a scene with Patrick Collins last year. This fix would make a huge dif on the emotion of the piece. Awesome.