Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Scribblers! Art Critique Month

Hello Scribblers!

It's hard to imagine that the Scribblers blog has been around for one year already. We are, at the time of this posting, 27 members strong. One of the big boosts for us was the Fall SCBWI-MI conference on Mackinac Island. This event and the forming of an illustration group in Southeast Michigan has bonded Michiganian scribblers and scrawlers.

To celebrate illustrators this month and to grant the request of fellow Scribblers, our Illustration Nation is going one step farther into drawingdom! The Scribbler blog will host an occasional peer review of artwork. November is Art Critique Month.

Scribblers will post art of their choice to be critiqued by fellow SCBWI members. This includes work near completion and finished. We will be practicing the critique style that Matt Faulkner used in our "boot camp" on the island.

Art posted labeled as: "For Critique by--"
Perhaps add a line or two of manuscript that interprets the piece in the BODY of the post beneath the image and don't forget contact info in the CAPTION area.

Critique's Response:
1. What works? (A positive note here. What is strong? Composition, color, etc.)
2. What needs work? (A kind and gentle nudge and suggestion on what may make it a better piece.)

Critiques help us to grow and hone our skills. I hope that we get a good response in this month's challenge. Putting unfinished work up for all to see can be like hanging your underwear out on the clothesline for all to see and comment on. (I'm still getting over my granddaughter's comments--but hey, she's six. What does she know? Boxers are comfy.)

So what I'm saying is in bringing about a balance of positive and instructive comments and open mindedness on the part of the recipient it will make this new Scribbler addition successful for all. This is a great way for us Scribblers to get to know each other and make the page interactive, educational and FUN!

Get ready, set--POST!
Lori Taylor


Deadline: December 31, 2011
(Due to holiday hustle, bustle we are extending the deadline and will resume theme posts in Jan. 2012)

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