Friday, January 18, 2013

A Scribbler's FREE for ALL!

Say what?! A free for all for drawers, scrawlers and illustratin' folk! No theme! Could it be that easy? 

Post what you have and post proudly--often. At the last SEMI (Southeast Michigan Illustrator) group meeting, we attendees discussed the purpose and use of this Scribbler site was a warmish topic.
"I would use it more if there was no theme, no monthly challenge," said Mr.---. How true. Such food for thought. It has been difficult to come up with themes that are as diverse as our group's interests and mediums.

So, here it is illustrators. You draw you post it. Now isn't that nice and isn't that easy? If you slap the finishing touches on your art I want to see it--and so does everyone else! We illustrators are the first to applaud the efforts and creativity of our fellow drawing folk. So let us applaud, let us celebrate.

Let us post our art--whatever you have. It is a FREE for all. No deadline--no stress--JUST ART for fun and applause!

Happy 2013--May it be the year of endless possibility!!!

Lori Taylor,
Illustration by Lori Taylor 2013, MeeGenius!


  1. Nice!!
    Thanks Lori!

    will do, now how about the rest of yous?
    happy new year to you!

  2. Cool interpretation of "There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" I've always liked the visual possibilities of that nursery rhyme.

  3. Love this interpretation of the old woman and all those kids. Great job!