Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Reading Fun!

Hey and howdy Scribblers!
Coming this Summer!
School is almost out and it's time for Summer Reading Fun! Remember all the great books you read as a kid when school let out? Far-off lands, animal adventure, thrillers and chillers. What summer reading fun art or cover can you come up with?

While you're at it, don't forget to pamper yourself and feed your artistic inner child. Get out and participate in the Michigan State Park's Park & Read Program. Get out and read a good book under a grand tree in a hammock! 

Check out your local library for volunteer reading days or used book sales. Head on down, up, or over to your local Indie book store for a book and booksigning. Mark your calendar now to visit the Kids Read Comics event at the Ann Arbor District Library on July 7th & 8th.

Get inspired, get illustrating and get into Summer Reading!

Lori Taylor
Pinckney, MI

DEADLINE:  June 30th


  1. This illustration of Lori's is so kid-like, and summer readers will love this...and pick it up based on it's cover!
    Lori Eslick