Monday, April 11, 2011


If you’re like me, I am super-GEEKED about the upcoming SCBWI-MI Spring Conference held in A2 (Ann Arbor for you out-of-townies). And I am especially excited and GEEKED to the max over Wendy Halperin’s Illustrator workshop.

So excited, that I ran out and bought my pack of 96 Crayolas and another bundle of 24 Twistables today to prep for this color wheel-of-a-deal illustrator workshop. Come color with me--with us.

Why am I so excited about Wendy’s workshop and to meet Wendy? Last fall, I wanted to attend her workshop at the UM Bio Station in Pellston, MI for the 22nd annual Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education Conference. (As some of you may know I do nature/wildlife art and illustration and I was supposed to be there to receive an MAEOE award but opted to attend the SCBWI-MI Fall Conference instead—which I’m glad I did—because I hooked up with a great critique group and the honor of meeting awesome people and starting the SCRIBBLERS.)

Wendy was presenting a two-day workshop that had educators focusing on outdoor observations to monitor environmental changes. She taught teachers to teach students to use drawing as a way to deliver information and learn about the environment.

HURRAY for you Wendy! Now more than ever, we artists, writers and illustrators are being called to educate our young stewards of tomorrow. What better way to teach that than through art? So for no other reason, sign up to meet a HERO and become a real HERO to kids too!

So sign up quick, like an eastern cottontail bunny, for Wendy’s workshop. I‘m always looking for new mediums to play with and use with kids. AND SCRIBBLERS, THIS is the one!

Wendy Anderson Halperin (illustration)
Wendy will pass on her love of the crayon as a wonderful medium for sketching book dummies or finished art. She will participate and demonstrate her technique with conference participants. There will be work on human and animal anatomy, the sketching process and pencil techniques. Attendees will need to bring their favorite pencils, erasers, and a box of 64, 98, or 120 crayons.  Workshop requires an additional $3 fee for materials that Wendy will share during the workshop.
Participant maximum:  35

For more info on Wendy Anderson Halperin check out her site:

Drop everything and DRAW! And don't forget to get your GOING GREEN art in before April 30th!

Lori Taylor

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